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The Gear!

Here is David's detailed description of how he gets his kit ready for a show.

I start with my toms, and after I have gone through the following steps for my toms, I use the same procedure on my bass drum and snare as I discuss below.

1. I tune my bottom heads first, putting on the head by tightening the lug screws as tight as possible ONLY using my fingers.

2. Using a drum key, I turn each lug screw 1/2 turn (180 degrees).

3. At this point, while slightly touching the center of the head, I tap on the head about 2 inches from each lug screw, locating the highest and lowest sounding lugs.

4. I then bring the lower pitched lugs up in pitch, trying to duplicate the highest sounding lug. What's important about this is that I've seated the head evenly from the beginning without having to bring the drum head up too high in order to make the individual lugs sound even.

5. Now I can bring the lugs up with another 1/2 turn.

6. I re-check tuning (repeat steps 3 and 4).

7. With the palm of my hand, I push down on the center of the head (fairly hard) in order to stretch it and break it in. This will lower the pitch slightly, but will ensure the drum stays in tune as it is played over a long period of time.

I usually find that by the time I get step 7, the drum sounds about where I like it. For the batter side of the toms, I repeat the same procedure, only I tune the top heads slightly looser than the bottom heads.

I use a little towel, packing blanket or pillow in the Bass drum, slightly depressing the batter side.

I really stretch the batter side by either sitting on the drum or carefully using my knee as not to dent it while breaking it in. Also the batter head on the Bass is fairly loose, with the front head
slightly higher in pitch.

For the snare drum, I start with the bottom head using the tom tom procedure, except that once the head is on evenly, I turn each lug 1/2 turn three times. Be careful stretching this head in as it will dent easily!

The batter head on the snare is tuned slightly lower than the snare side. However, depending on the song, style of music and/or type of snare drum, I may tune the batter side much higher or lower than the snare side.

Just as a reference point, I can play "Taps" starting with my lowest floor tom working up to my smallest rack tom...from there I tune my smallest rack up a step or two...from there my snare is maybe a step or two higher than my smallest rack tom.